Beauchamp Oval Construction

Beauchamp Oval is a 1.26ha sports field complex on Nicholson Road, Chatswood


Turf Drain Australia would like to thank Willoughby City Council for their cooperation and coordination in the completion of this project.

  • Site establishment with temporary fencing, environmental controls and traffic management plan in place.
  • Demolish and remove defunct in ground fixtures (eg; irrigation heads, valve boxes).
  • Cultivate ground to pulverise and bury dead and decaying vegetation.
  • Bulk laser grade to achieve specified surface level characteristics.
  • Install drainage mainlines and piped drainage laterals.
  • Install specified irrigation system.
  • Laser grade to re-establish desired surfaces levels, consolidation and smoothness prior to turfing.
  • Commission irrigation and drainage systems prior to turf establishment.
  • Supply and lay couch grass turf to the entire site in consecutive days.
  • Implement turf establishment plan as specified.
  • Install sand / gravel collector lines after turf is sufficiently anchored.
  • Liaise with council to have mowing activities scheduled appropriately.
  • Check drainage lines for level and replace sand where sinkage or displacement occurs.
  • Site disestablishment at final hand over.
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