Turf Drain Australia brings vast experience, the right equipment and a proven track record to every project.

Turf Drain Australia offers a variety of services associated with the drainage and construction of sports grass surfaces across Australia. Because we have vast experience and operate our own machinery we can offer a complete service from design through to completion.

We rely completely on our experience and reputation and are happy to provide a long list of referrals. In fact, we will happily provide a referral for any project we have completed.

Turf Drain Australia does not undertake projects outside of its areas of expertise. As such, we have been able to concentrate totally on becoming leaders in draining and constructing sports grass surfaces. Because of this we can ensure that we achieve a successful outcome for our clients on any project that we undertake.

Services Undertaken:

  • Sports field drainage
  • Laser controlled trenching
  • Sand grooving
  • Sports field design & construction
  • GPS guided and two-way laser controlled grading
  • Turf wicket construction to international level
  • Bowling green construction

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