Construction of
Bowling Green

Turf Drain Australia completed the construction of a new bowling green at the Anglican Retirement Village – Castle Hill.


The project had a couple of access and material handling challenges that we successfully overcame and the works were completed on time and on budget.

Work Involved

  • Area of works is 25.4m x 35.6m.
  • Sub-base drainage was installed.
  • Concrete sub-base and ditch walls were constructed.
  • We supplied and installed a layer of pea gravel, levelled over the concrete base to a minimum depth of 100mm in the centre and 190mm at the extremities. The gravel used was uncrushed natural gravel 5-7 mm, washed free of fines. (300t required in total).
  • The aggregate layer was installed using our highly specialised and purpose built, laser operated equipment. The aggregate was laser levelled to mirror the finished surface grade.
  • Turf Drain Australia also supplied and installed the growing medium, which was an 80/20 sand/soil blend (360t required in total).
  • The growing medium was also installed using specialised and purpose built equipment that is laser guided and operated.
  • Turf Drain also supplied and installed 125lm of plinth board. This was installed after the turf grass had established. Coarse ditch sand was installed in the ditch areas.
  • We then supplied and installed the ditch wall synthetic grass.
  • Our team then supplied the chaff, which we spread, rolled and watered.
  • The establishment and maintenance of the bowling green was completed by ARV.
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