Royal Sydney Golf Club

Turf Drain Australia has recently completed the construction of a new bowling green for Royal Sydney Golf Club.


The works used our own construction methodology of a fully self contained concrete footing and ditch wall construction.

The construction of the new bowling green at Royal Sydney Golf Club was constructed using a fully self enclosed concrete base that included the ditch wall and tile capping base.

The sub-base drainage of this bowling green was captured and collected into a 5000 litre transfer tank that was also installed as a part of our works.

The earthworks where conducted to excavate the surveyed area producing a sub-base where the bowling green sub-base drainage could commence being installed.

The sub-base drainage was accurately installed consisting of upvc using laser operated technology. The accuracy and detail was precise as this sub-base drainage was to be formed and poured around to be incorporated into the concrete sub-base.

The next step was to to install the 5000 litre collection/transfer tank. The tank was purpose built, again in concrete, and was installed using our laser operated equipment.

The concrete sub-base was then formed and poured , in one pour, to result in a cone shaped base that drained to the perimeter with millimeter accuracy. This sub-base was left to cure and then the ditch wall, including the capping tile sub-base, was formed and poured onto the concrete sub-base producing a totally self contained environment for the bowling green.

The sub-base was then cleaned of all debris, the sub-base drainage system was then opened and the aggregate layer was installed. The drainage aggregate used was supplied by Turf Drain Australia and was a washed round river gravel that had the particle size distribution and other performance characteristics that produced a perched water table when combined with the growing medium sand as supplied by Royal Sydney Golf Club.

The growing medium was then installed onto the laser levelled aggregate layer using the pad and push out system. This process protected the integrity of the accurately installed aggregate layer. The growing medium was then consolidated and laser graded using our purpose built equipment and highly specialised bowling green construction equipment.

Turf Drain Australia, with the help of Royal Sydney Golf Course staff then tidied up around the outside of the bowling green are to result in two nursery greens, a garden bed, and a pad ready for paving by Royal Sydney Golf Club.

The project was completed on budget and on time ready for grassing on 29th November 2011.

Turf Drain Australia would like to thank the team at Royal Sydney Golf Course for their assistance and help during this construction process. Our team work has produced an exceptionally high quality bowling green construction that will provide a true and even playing surface for many years to come.

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