Playford Park - Bankstown

Another sports field reconstruction recently completed by Turf Drain Australia is Playford Park, at Padstow, for Bankstown City Council.

These works commenced on Monday 22nd September 2014 and included the following tasks:

  • rea of works is 25,000m2
  • Site establishment
  • Installation of erosion and sediment controls
  • Demolition and removal of the insitu concrete irrigation tanks
  • Supply and installation of a new 120kl concrete irrigation tank
  • Demolition and removal of the insitu synthetic grass cricket wicket
  • Cultivation and incorporation of the existing sports field turf surface into the existing profile
  • Laser grade the entire area to create a smooth and even playing surface
  • Supply and install a new synthetic cricket wicket, concrete slab and synthetic turf
  • Supply and install the sports field sub-surface slit drainage system, stage one, consisting of mainlines and carrier lines.
  • Supply and install the sports field irrigation system
  • Complete a final laser grade, after the drainage and irrigation works had been completed, in preparation for turfing
  • Supply and apply the turf starter fertiliser
  • Supply deliver and lay 20,000m2 x “Grand Prix” Couch
  • Commence the 12 week Turf Maintenance/Turf Establishment program. These works consisted of mowing, fertilising, watering and topdressing.
  • Supply and install the sports field sub-surface slit drainage system, stage two, consisting of collector lines.
  • Site disestablishment was completed on Friday 27th February 2015.

These works were completed on time and on budget as per the specification and requirements of Bankstown City Council.

Turf Drain Australia would like to take this opportunity to thank Graeme Dundas c/ Bankstown City Council for his help and assistance and we look forward to working with Bankstown Council again in the near future.

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