Practice Cricket Wicket

Turf Drain Australia completed the practice wicket strip extension, 21 metres long by 2 metres wide, for Canbay Council.

A brief scope of works is as follows:

  • Excavate the wicket area to a depth of 150mm from the existing surface. The base of this excavation is to be graded to match the grade of the proposed surface grade of the new turf wicket.
  • Turf Drain Australia will then compact the sub-base to establish a foundation on which the wicket can be built.
  • The base was laser graded to the same grades as the finished surface contours.
  • “Bidum” cloth is placed over the surface of the sub-base and a layer of very coarse sand to a depth of 50mm is spread and laser graded to a close tolerance in the wicket square.
  • A 170mm wide plinth board was installed around the perimeter edge of the wicket strip to retain the soil when compacted.
  • 100mm of “Oberon” wicket soil was then carefully spread, compacted and laser graded in layers until the final level is achieved.
  • An extra one metre of grass was removed from around the new wicket to blend it into the surrounding area and prepared for grassing.
  • The wickets and the extra metre around the perimeter edges were grassed using washed “Legend” couch.

These works were completed in three days.

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