Blacktown Workers Club

Turf Drain Australia has completed the construction of two new soccer fields and two new rugby fields for Blacktown Workers Club at their new facility in Blacktown.


The soccer fields were 18,500m 2 and the rugby fields were 18,500m 2 and the rugby fields were 15,600m 2 in area. Turf Drain Australia would like to thank Blacktown Workers Club, Ausflow Irrigation and Evergreen Turf for their co-operation and co-ordination in completing this project.

Work Involved

  • Trim the sub-base of the sports fields.
  • Supply and install two 10,000 litre capacity concrete pump wells at the drainage pipe outlet points.
  • Supply and install the first stage of the slit drainage system, as per design drawings. This consisted of 65mm un-socked agricultural pipe, laid on a pvc membrane, at the base of an 80mm wide laser graded trench in the sub-base, four metres apart. The agricultural pipes are connected to 150mm agricultural pipe mainlines, then drain into 300mm upvc, as per design drawings.
  • Supply, deliver and install 18,000t of the selected growing medium. This was done by placing and spreading the material, using low foot print equipment and machinery, ensuring no damage to the irrigation of drainage lateral lines.
  • Laser trim the growing medium, to a very close tolerance, and prepare for turfing.
  • The irrigation system is completed and commissioned by Ausflow Pty Ltd.
  • Santa Anna couch turf was supplied, delivered and laid by Evergreen Turf Pty Ltd.
  • The establishment of the turf was completed by Blacktown Workers Club.
  • After the establishment of the turf the final stage of the slit drainage system, the sand/gravel collectors are installed, 2.5m apart.
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