Cricket Wicket Refurbishment

Turf Drain Australia completed the Bankstown Council – Memorial Oval Cricket Wicket refurbishment project over 8 days, in early May ‘16.


The project was to renew the clay wicket surface at Bankstown Oval, excavate from both ends of the main wicket square to produce an exact length of 25m, then add two additional wickets, one on either side of the square, and remove the old practise wicket blocks from the outfield.

Work Involved

Cricket Wicket Table Works

• Carefully and accurately remove a 60mm layer of the existing wicket soil, and turf, from the existing wicket table. These works are done using our specialised wicket construction equipment that has a low foot print pressure and laser guided for accuracy.

• Excavate wicket soil at ends of wicket table to create a wicket table 25m long.

• Add one wicket strip to each side of the existing wicket table. Total wicket table area will then be 25m long x 27.9m wide.

• Compact and laser grade the sub base, of the new strips, to mirror the finished wicket surface grades.

• Install a drainage line to remove water that sheds off wicket table and connect to existing sports field drainage system.

• Supply and install Bidum cloth to new wicket strip bases.

• Supply, install, compact and laser grade a 50mm layer of coarse sand, to new wicket strips.

• Supply, deliver and install plinth board.

• We then installed and spread the new Oberon Cricket Wicket Soil.  This wicket soil installation was done with our purpose-built material handling, and specialised laser grading equipment.

• Re-grass the wicket table area, using washed Santa Anna turf rolls.

Excavate old practice wickets and rebuild turf profile

• Excavate an area 40m x 15m x 250mm.

• Stockpile and dispose of spoil.

• Supply, deliver and install 200t of growing medium, again use our specialised sports field construction equipment to complete these works.  This will eliminate any truck movements on the actual sports field playing surface.

• We then used our purpose-built wicket laser grading blade to shape this area and marry the surrounds into the surrounding sports field grades.

• The area was then turfed, using washed Santa Anna turf.

The project was finished on time, and on budget. Turf Drain Australia would like to thank Bankstown City Council for their co-operation and co-ordination in completing this project.

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