Bowling Green Construction

Turf Drain Australia has constructed a lot of turf bowling greens, plus turf wickets, in many parts of eastern Australia over many years.


As a result of that vast and proven experience we have developed processes of construction and machinery that lead the industry forward. Our processes are in continual development to ensure the latest technology, materials and equipment can be afforded by you on your next bowling green construction.

Bowling greens that are a delight to play on, that remain true, have consistent speed, and have uniform turf cover is a combination of professional turf management and disciplined construction methodology. Turf Drain Australia are proud of our industry proven reputation with regard to successful bowling green construction projects. We work very hard to ensure that every project is perfect.

A general construction process for a natural turf bowling green is as follows:

  • Excavate sub-base to required depth and levels then an initial shape laser grade.
  • compact sub-base suitable for construction and then laser grade a final trim.
  • install sub-base drainage and collection/transfer pit if necessary.
  • form and pour concrete sub-base, incorporating ditch wall and tile capping base.
  • install drainage aggregate using purpose built and specialised machinery that enables accurate laser grading and correct consolidation of the drainage material
  • install growing medium again using purpose built and specialised machinery that enables accurate laser grading and the correct compaction of the growing medium.
  • the grassing and establishment of the turf surface is usually conducted by the client.

There are many variables in bowling green construction and the brief process mentioned above is one of many successful methods we are able to suggest to you.

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