High Capacity Laser Grading

Use the high capacity laser grading industry leaders and product developers on your next project.


Turf Drain Australia are industry leaders and product developers, with a vast amount of proven experience in the specialised area of sports field, bowling green, cricket wicket and large area laser grading.

We have several pieces of specialised equipment to achieve the requirements of high capacity laser grading. When you need to supply and install 5,000 – 15,000t , or more, of growing medium in an efficient and productive manner then our purpose built laser scoops will fulfil your requirements.

As can be seen in the photos our equipment has been utilised on many sports fields, sports stadiums, and race tracks to ensure timely and accurate installation.

Our equipment foot print pressure will ensure enough consolidation of your sports field profile, without excessive compaction of the growing medium. This enables the rapid establishment of your chosen turf grass into a stable profile.

Turf Drain Australia owns and operates laser scoops and laser blades of various sizes to ensure that we are able to offer you the best equipment, at an affordable price, which will achieve your requirements and exceed your expectations. All of our equipment utilises the latest tractor and laser technology and is operated by our experienced and trained technicians.

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