Sand Grooving

Sand grooving is a method of cutting 100mm deep and 20mm wide trenches 200mm apart and filling with washed drainage sand.


These slits are cut to a depth of 100mm x 20mm wide and back-filled in one pass. Sand grooving can also work in conjunction with slit drainage to further reduce surface ponding.

We have a new arrival in our team our - the Verti Quake SandMaster sand grooving machine. The SandMaster is a one-pass aerator and slit drainage machine that allows the use of various grades of sands, or other soil amendments.

The SandMaster mounted behind the Verti-Quake will create deep slits using vibrating coulter knives that leave turf sports fields ready for play. The slits are 20mm wide and 200mm apart, and are immediately backfilled with the chosen sand. All decompaction and backfilling works are completed in one pass.

The SandMaster is specifically designed to reopen the existing sports field slit drainage system by breaking through the turf thatch layer and the sports fields compacted surface. This process can also be used to temporarily remove surface ponding from a sports field, however it must be remembered that without a piped slit drainage system installed there is nowhere for the water to drain too.

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