Sports Field Construction

Construction of a variety of sports fields including rugby, soccer and AFL fields.


We are the Sports Field building specialists shaping sports fields for everyone to use. Turf Drain Australia has been building and shaping sports fields for many years. We have invested heavily in equipment with low ground pressure, specially designed for all aspects of sports field construction. We can construct and shape with minimal compaction. We have undertaken sports field construction projects for schools, local government, state government, sporting clubs, trusts and civil construction companies.

A sports field drainage system allows you to capture the water that falls on your field. Water that finds its way into the sub-surface drains can be collected and channeled to a single pipe then stored for future irrigation. The added advantage is the control of potential nutrient and chemical leaching into creeks and wetlands. Where natural grade is unavailable, the use of a small collection pit, sump pump and rising main allows the transfer of collected drainage water to the holding tanks. We have completed many projects using this system.

Turf Drain Australia are a specialist sportsfield construction contractor.

As such, we have been able to concentrate totally on becoming leaders in draining and constructing sports grass surfaces. Because of this we can ensure that we achieve a successful outcome for our clients on any project that we undertake.

If you’re looking to rebuild or redesign your sportsfield, contact Turf Drain today!

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